Hello. This will be a long post and I feel it’s important for me to put my 2 cents on MY blog because it has been haunting my brain.

It has been nearly a week since the awful tragedy in Manchester which left parents without their children. Best friends without their partner in crime. Lovers separated and friends looking over the others last tweets.

Not only is this simply, a disgusting matter that somebody was taking away the best times of peoples lives. The matter still goes onto social media. People tweeting away photos of themselves pretending that they’re lost so they can go viral. People tweeting out random photos across the internet just to join in. Others with complete hatred towards Ariana Grande.

These people need to realize that Ariana is also a victim. She was also in the same place at the same time. She was also in shock knowing that people passed away at her own show. She was just as affected by this. Instead of people letting her know that this wasn’t her fault – many took to twitter to write things such as “no place for love – she licked a donut and hates america”, “What? She hasn’t tweeted anything yet? Heartless.”

HEARTLESS? Are you kidding? That woman is allowed to be emotional. She is allowed to be in shock. SHE IS ALLOWED TO DO THINGS HER OWN WAY AND DEAL WITH IT HOW SHE NEEDS TO. Can you even imagine being in her shoes? If you were the performer and a tragedy like this happening, knowing some parents won’t be putting their child to bed tonight?

Ariana released that she will be paying for funerals and for their hotels. To try and help each of these families who lost their loved one. She was sorry and thought it was her fault. Many others thought it was too which is sickening. This isn’t her fault and will never be her fault. The fault is towards the heartless person who did this.

22 people lost their lives that night. A child as young as 8 years old will never know what it’s like to have a boyfriend, turn 16, or go to prom. 59 people were injured by this. Having to live in fear because they love music and wanted to have a good time. But; you’re worried about getting your money back for cancelled tour dates? You’re angry because she didn’t send out a tweet MOMENTS after a bomb went off killing innocent lives.

How sickening.

Many people need to sit down – think about what they are about to post – and not post it.

Stop thinking about yourself. Think about the others around you. Go tell your friends and family you love them because you never know when will be the last time you ever see them. Will you be angry for money then?

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