Hello again,

Today I want to write about being grateful. Being appreciative about what you have. Many look at the things that other people have and feel sad, meanwhile they don’t look at what they’re privileged to have.

Right now, I am typing this outside, in the cold, on my laptop, even though it is about to rain. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Yet, there are others in the world who have no clothing, no shelter, no warmth. Forced to be outside day in, day out.

We always see new clothing, new cars, new accessories that we think we need. But, the thing is that… we don’t NEED things, we want them. Food, water, shelter, gas, electricity.. those are needs. The newest phones, internet, televisions… these are luxuries. We get mad when the internet is slow, while people can’t even find food to survive the day. I am definitely not saying that anybody should feel bad about what they have. I just think sometimes you have to be thankful for the little, yet big things.

I’m so thankful to have a home, to have my own bedroom, food to eat, clothes on my back.. the privilege to have an education and buy books and art supplies. I am privileged that I have the ability to hear! To be able to see things, or even be able to walk. Many don’t think about things like this.

Life is difficult; It is for many different levels, for many different people. But just know that there is always something to be grateful for. Even if it’s an item, or a special friend in your life, or even a pet.

Stay positive, and I hope you’re all safe and happy tonight.


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